Staff recruiting

Are you interested in working in a fun, motivated and Japanese environment?

Do you have connection to Japan? Studied/lived in Japan? Your parent is Japanese? Do you love the culture?

Please write us about it and tell us what you are looking for. We can find out the solution together.



Current open position 

Part time

We are always looking for staffs who can work for 2 times a week in the evening. Weekends evenings are always welcomed.



Pick up hours

Thursday - Friday            Saturday                           Sunday      

 -----------                            12:00 - 14:30                     ---------

17:45 - 20:30                     17:45 - 20:30                     17:15 - 20:00          



Address                          Telephone                        E-Mail 

Reitergasse 6                   044 271 72 73            

8004 Zurich                                                                 *we don't take reservations via email